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Socialism in America?

Kulturzeit/ 3sat 03.03.2020, with Bernie Sanders, Bhaskar Sunkara, Sandy Nurse, EDIT: Karoline Vielemeyer

Climate Law Suits Against The Oil Industry

nano / 3sat 19.08.2018, with Kate Sears (Marin County Supervisor), Anne Carlson (Professor Of Environmental Law UCLA), Wilford Welch, EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

OFF The Road – Gary Shteyngart’s Novel Lake Success

Kulturzeit / 3sat 24.04.2019, EDIT: Seth Jacobson, Animation: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Bad Feminist: Roxane Gay

Kulturzeit / 3sat 02.07.2019, EDIT: Alex Komisaruk & Jasmin Hoffhaus

Jacqueline Woodson: Winner Of The Astrid Lindgren Award 2018

Kulturzeit / 3sat 28.05.2018, EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Radicalization Machines – Extremism Researcher Julia Ebner

Kulturzeit / 3sat 09.09.2019, EDIT: Karoline Vielemeyer

Influenza Pandemic 1918

nano / 3sat 29.03.2018, with Dr. Thorsten Wolff (Robert Koch Institut), EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Sanctuary Cities

Kulturzeit / 3sat 25.04.2018, with Father Jon Pegido, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf & artist Arleene Correa Valencia, EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Monsanto Law Suits

nano / 3sat 05.10.2017, with John Barton, Michael Baum & Scott Partridge (Monsanto), EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

C40 – The Power Of The Cities

Kulturzeit / 3sat 17.11.2017, with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, philantropist Michael Bloomberg, C40 director Mark Watts & Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Waiting For The Eclipse

nano / 3sat 18.08.2017, with astronomer Bob Baer (University of Southern Illinois), teacher Lindsay Adams & astronomer Padma Yamanandra-Fisher (Space Science Institute) , EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Trump, The Wrestler

Kulturzeit / 3sat 29.01.2016, with Judd Legum (editor Think Progress), EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

Better Mental Health Care: Soteria Berlin

nano / 3sat 30.03.2017, with patient Michael Voelker, psychiatrist Martin Voss & Dannica Litzen (Milieu therapist), DP: Luana Knipfer, EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

DNA-Portraits By Heather Dewey-Hagborg

aspekte / ZDF 26.07.2013, DP: Matthew …., EDIT: Natacha Giler

Driven by James Sallis

aspekte/ ZDF 24.08.2012 EDIT: Marco Boelke

After Sandy – How To Prepare Manhattan For Future Floods?

nano / 3sat 11.05.2013, with architect Susannah Drake (dlandstudio) EDIT: Christopher Baer

Endgame, Bobby Fischer Biography By Frank Brady

aspekte / ZDF 24.05.2012, EDIT: Marco Boelke

Johan Rockstroem – Winner Of The German Environmental Award 2015

nano / 3sat 06.11.2015, EDIT: Jasmin Hoffhaus

50 Shades Of Gray

aspekte / ZDF 20.01.2012, with Katie Roiphe (NYU), E.L. James & Claire Cavanag (Babeland), EDIT: Marco Boelke

Nicholson Baker’s Novel House Of Holes

aspekte / ZDF 20.01.2012, EDIT: Marco Boelke

Artist Christin Lahr transfers the German Ministry Of Finance daily 1 Cent – for 40 years.

Kulturzeit / 3sat, 22.03.2010, DP: Lukas Piechowski, EDIT: Marco Boelke

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