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Author Gary Shteyngart, Kulturzeit/ 3sat (2019)
Mental Health Care, Nano/ 3sat (2017)
The Monsanto Lawsuits, Nano/ 3sat (2017)
Author Jacqueline Woodson, Kulturzeit/ 3sat (2018)
Christine Daum-Farber

Christine Daum-Farber is a TV journalist, filmmaker and cinematographer, who has authored more than 300 segments for culture and science shows, most notably Nano/3sat, Aspekte/ ZDF and Kulturzeit/ 3sat.       more


Nelson Farber

Nelson is a New York and Berlin-based filmmaker and television journalist, whose work regularly appears on Germany’s top science and culture programs, including Aspekte/ZDF, Kulturzeit/3sat and Nano/3sat.    more